Dynamix is a venture-backed pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel, targeted, small molecule drugs for treating patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Dynamix focuses its discovery and development efforts on two drug classes – novel drugs that intervene with the metabolism of cancer cells and novel drugs that selectively target specific cellular signaling pathways, also known as Type II kinase inhibitors. Both drug classes explore some of the newest and most promising therapeutic routes to treat urgent, unmet medical needs in cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Dynamix' highly efficient ‘Drug Discovery Engine’ is based on its innovative proprietary DynamixFit™ technology. This in silico structure-based technology, which addresses the process of induced fit, is uniquely suitable for discovering novel chemical entities that modulate the activity of flexible protein targets, such as kinases. By integrating DynamixFit™ with experimental methodologies and by employing focused and efficient operations, Dynamix offers itself and its partners significantly shorter drug development times, thus lowering R&D costs and increasing the commercial lifespan of its drugs.

Dynamix is committed to building an industry-leading pipeline of small-molecule cancer metabolism modulators and of Type II kinase inhibitors. Dynamix is also committed to advancing this pipeline as quickly as possible in order to deliver drugs that will improve the lives of patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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